Our Story

Money Hunny is female owned and currently just a one woman show!! We (my daughter and I) strive to create a community that seeks to represent and celebrate the individual identities. We believe that representation matters. Money Hunny seeks to provide a space to celebrate ourselves, to see ourselves in the designs. We worship all body types, we will include the beauty of the BIPOC community, and we will be inclusive to a range of gender identities. All individuals deserve to be named, known, seen and loved.

We do not use professional "models" as our models... although all of them could be!! Our drop dead gorgeous Hunnies featured on our site and our social media are actual amateur pole dancers, club dancers, Sworkers, burlesque performers, or drag kings / queens in our community. Many of the Hunnies that will be featured are my badass friends that were my inspiration behind starting this brand to begin with!